I have grown to appreciate Seth Godin’s blog. Today’s reminded me of an old blog that used to be maintained by Alex Araujo called Sailing Friends. You can still review it HERE. What Seth wrote today was the following:

Add engines until airborne

That’s certainly one way to get through a thorny problem.

The most direct way to get a jet to fly is to add bigger engines. And the easiest way to gain attention is to run more ads, or yell more loudly.

Horsepower is an expensive but often effective solution.

The challenge is that power is expensive. And that power is inelegant. And that power often leaves behind a trail of destruction.

When in doubt, try wings.

Wings use finesse more than sheer force. Wings work with the surrounding environment, not against it. Wings are elegant, not brutal.

I think this applies to our missions efforts as well. In Sailing Friends the comparison is between getting to a destination via a loud and powerful powerboat (Western missions efforts often times)  vs a row boat. (where many workers in the majority world have to operate) The better way to go about doing missions together is if we all join together to operate a sailboat. Seth has suggested trying wings which, like sailboats, also depend on air to function. The air being the work of the Holy Spirit on which we must depend if we are to be successful for the kingdom.