Mission Statement

The mission of Health for All Nations is to engage the global Christian community in the exploration and application of biblical revelation, scientific evidence, and cumulative experience as they relate to health and wholeness. Our mission includes assisting the global Christian church in fulfilling its mandate to promote health and healing among the nations.

This will include but not be limited to promoting, providing or partnering in the following activities:

  • Ongoing conferences related to the theme of health as mission.
  • Development of Best Practices in Global Health Missions.
  • Maintaining an online journal.
  • Research on the theme of health as mission.
  • Maintain an online resource center.
  • International workshops that have to do with health as mission.
  • Online classes as they relate to health from a Christian worldview.
  • Development of true partnerships cross-culturally as they relate to health as mission.
  • Online forum for an ongoing dialogue about a Christian understanding of health as mission.
  • Effective networking to achieve the necessary synergy needed to provide health care for all, as stated in the Alma Ata declaration of 1978.