As an old physician I am worried and pleading G-d for strength and protection to my colleagues and the health workers in the front line for this confrontation.

That is why I am writing to all my dear colleagues, health professionals and friends:

We are truly through an historic event … memorable for generations to come. To us – old doctors separated from the service due to precautions to the COVID-19 … we had, at our time, Cholera, Malaria, Yellow Fever and guerrillas (MRTA, Sendero …, in Peru), but that is nothing compared to the challenge for this generation of Health Workers (HWs) …, and my young colleagues have a leading role to play … Priestly … like Aaron, the brother of Moses when they came out of the oppression of Egypt (Numbers 16: 45-49), who interposed between the living and those who died in the plague of Core, Datan and Abyran … and the plague stopped !!! We offer prayers for you and your families!

The real heroes are not celebrities from sports, Hollywood, politics, CEOs of pharmaceutical or bio-technology corporations, but the hard-working and dedicated Health professionals, those who serve in markets, farmers, bank employees, police and workers of municipal cleaning that are exposed every day so that the country (be it in Eurasia, Europe, UK, Australasia or the Americas) remain standing and the nation does not collapse.

The virus is showing us how absurd it is to try to live with our backs to each other, without wanting to recognize that we are all, in everything, interdependent and co-responsible. The materialistic system based on receiving for oneself, dehumanized us and made us depend on individualistic profit and consumption, without responsibility for each other … less for the creation / nature of which we are part … We evaded our part and we pass our responsibility onto others.

And now nature / creation sends us a virus that shows us how vulnerable we are by pretending cordiality and affection when in reality I don’t care about the other … and shows us that in this way we will never become part of the mutuality system for which we were created … in which the law of mutual responsibility and guarantee governs. That is, we all give the best of our abilities for the greatest well-being of all … and I do not worry about me because I have everyone worried about me too … and so nobody lacks because nobody accumulates for himself … That law is as old as Creation is: “Love your neighbor as yourself” hopefully this time we do not ignore it. As in Exodus, before Sinai, by obeying it we will only understand … As Rav, Dr. Michael Laitman would say it:

[…] “In fact this virus is a remedy for my ego and it comes to show me that I must rise above my ego and connect with others and in this I find the remedy, the correction for our situation. Let’s try to realize that running away that my selfish “I” towards the common point between us, in this connection is the upper world, the upper force, the main dimension, a higher level than mine, this is what is called Israel (right / yashar / ישר – G-d / el / אל) – right to G-d, and there we will be directed towards the Creator and there is our eternal, spiritual life in the connection between us. ”
Dr. Apolos B Landa T, MD, MSc, MTh

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