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Coping with Suffering – Dr Daniel Fountain

Coping with Suffering   Dr Daniel Fountain   (Chapter 9 from Health, the Bible and the Church, a BGC monograph)  Every religion, culture, and civilization has wrestled with the problems of suffering, disease, and death. The questions raised by these problems have received a myriad of answers. It is not our purpose here to probe the depths of these questions or to look for old or new answers to them. But among these questions is an intensely practical one that comes to almost everyone who suffers: how can I cope with this? This is what we will address here and for which we will seek the necessary resources in our Christian faith. In this chapter we will look at suffering from the standpoint of persons suffering from illness, tragedy, or loss, and from the standpoint of those who reach out to care for them.  Taking Stock  Can We Overcome The Problem?  Simple problems usually require simple solutions. A toothache, tonsillitis, or a mild attack of malaria can be handled quite easily provided that the necessary resources are available. More serious problems, like tuberculosis, leprosy, diabetes, or severe coronary artery disease require much more effort and many resources.  The little boy with the roundworms, in Chapter 1, had a simple problem that suddenly became more complicated. Nevertheless, we were able to help him cope with it, only to discover later than our traditional solution did not cope with the real problem. Those who cared for Mrs. Avila, in Chapter 1, felt that theirRead the full article..