This is the blog for the Best Practices in Global Health Mission division of the Center for the Study of Health in Mission. It is a space for all who are interested in sharing opinions, ideas and best practices having to do with Christ centered health related ministry. We are very interested in hearing from those who are on the frontlines of this type of calling be it inner city Memphis or rural DRCongo. We hope this site will lead to working groups being formed to produce best practices papers which will freely spread the wisdom that is out there but unavailable to those outside limited circles.

About our Name

A bit of an explanation about our blog name. The roots of this blog can be traced back to a conversation held at what was then called the West Coast Healthcare Missions and Ministry Conference (now simply called the Healthcare Missions Conference) held each year at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. The conversation centered on concerns many of us expressed regarding our experiences with short term medical missions trip. Thus was born the Best Practices in Global Missions team which has grown in its scope and which is now included within the Center for the Study of Health in Mission.

What we noted  was that there was a lot of passion on the part of Christians to do good through healthcare missions outreaches but that often this “ZEAL” was not matched by sufficient “KNOWLEDGE” as to how be involved in STMM’s without causing more harm than good. Thus, based on Proverbs 19:2, was born the idea of the name for this blog. We seek to see the Church involved in all aspects of health and healing but in a way that is thoroughly informed through careful study and planning while remaining sensitive to the Spirits leading.

Who’s Involved?

Our team consists of several individuals and we hope a growing number of organizations. You can click here to review who it is that makes up the board of the Health for All Nations.

In addition we have several global collaborators.

There are several organizations which have expressed interest in contributing and their names will be added over time.