All Creation Groans: Toward a Theology of Disease and Global Health (Wipf & Stock, 2021)


In a suffering world reeling from the global coronavirus pandemic, when all the nations of the world face a common enemy, it is high time to think theologically about the devastating experience of disease, and to address our God-inspired responsibility to engage in preventing and even eradicating disease at its origin.  In a fragmented world divided by dualism, professionalism, racism, and denominationalism, we need a unifying and integrated perspective on the whole person in global communities embedded in a fractured ecology.  In an academic world blind to the spiritual world and imbalanced toward technical solutions, the global church must articulate a contemporary metanarrative that is moral, practical, and deeply transformational.

All Creation Groans brings together multiple perspectives for a compelling global health approach to the pathologies of the world as an indispensable part of the misseo Dei. Building on the formative work of missiologist Ralph Winter and medical missionary Daniel Fountain, the authors paint a unifying perspective on God’s healing intentions in creation, redemption and consummation, and the opposing nature-corrupting effects of the rebellion of created moral agents.  It is a fresh call for the global church to think deeply about disease origins, and engage in aligning with God’s healing action for eternally sustainable global health.


Contributors and Table of Contents:

Foreword 1—Michael Soderling
Foreword 2—Rebecca Winter Lewis
Introduction—Editors, Daniel O’Neill and Beth Snodderly
Chapter 1: Historical, Contemporary, and Globalized Theologies of Disease—Daniel O’Neill
Chapter 2: The Biblical Context for a Theology of Disease—Ralph Winter with Beth Snodderly
Chapter 3: A Theology of Creation: Order Out of Chaos—Beth Snodderly
Chapter 4: Early Church Perspectives on the Cosmic Conflict—Sigve Tonstad
Chapter 5: Sin and the Etiology of Disease—Daniel O’Neill
Chapter 6: A Theology of Health for the Nations—Daniel Fountain
Chapter 7: A Theology of Ecology: Earth Care and Health—Sigve Tonstad
Chapter 8: A Theology of Love in the First Epistle of John—Lizette Acosta
Chapter 9: Health and Disease: Why Mercy and Compassion Matter—Keith So
Chapter 10: The Concept of Disease in the Pentecostal Tradition—Daniel Isgrigg
Chapter 11: Life from Death: Illness, Anthropology, and the Christian Faith—Fr. Giuseppe Cinà, MI
Chapter 12: Public Health Approaches to Disease from Antiquity to the Current Day—Stephen Ko
Chapter 13: A West African Perspective on God and Disease—Kalemba Mwambazambi
Chapter 14: An East African Perspective on God and Disease—Jim Harries
Chapter 15: A Scientist’s Perspective on Disease and Death—Richard Gunasekera
Chapter 16: A Practical Missiology Regarding Disease and Healing—Daniel O’Neill
Chapter 17: A Missiology that Includes Fighting Disease—Ralph Winter with Beth Snodderly
Chapter 18: An Enemy Did this: A Cosmic Conflict Understanding of “Natural” Evil—Gregory Boyd
Chapter 19: Why Creation Groans: Responding to Objections to the Corruption of Nature (CON) Hypothesis—Gregory Boyd
Epilogue—Daniel O’Neill


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