Bob Shim

My journey of faith began at age five when my family left post-war Korea and moved to South America. Born into a generation of predominantly Confucian traditions, I had little exposure to the Gospel. I consider it God’s grace that in Brazil, we began attending a Korean immigrant church and I believe God used this time of adjustment and turmoil not only to inject faith into my life but define my life’s direction. I recall a slow process of accepting Christ as my Savior through Sunday school and reading the Bible. I was moved by hearing missionaries speak at our church and was eight years old when I received the calling to be a missionary. My deepest desire is that I would be able to glorify the God of Psalm 33 and 34 in every context of my life.

We first moved to Central Asia in 2003 where we worked to reveal the Gospel among Muslims for six years. This period of serving overseas was a time of character-building, brokenness, and seeing God’s love transform lives. We currently serve in Thailand among the hilltribe minority peoples.

My current focus is extending the kingdom of God through holistic ministry in Thailand. We do this by creatively seeking to meet the spiritual, social, and physical needs of the rural poor. We then utilize these opportunities to build relationships, provide resources for small communities to better themselves, and ultimately serve the work of the local church. My ministry focuses on primary medical care, public health education, children’s development and education, micro-enterprise development, and sustainable development.