Dr Ravi I. Jayakaran

Dr. Ravi I. Jayakaran has well over three decades of experience in poverty reduction and strategic development programs. He is currently the Senior Associate for Integral (Holistic) Mission for the Lausanne Movement, and will be speaking at a plenary session on Empowered communities, as well as leading a workshop on ‘how to carry out a HWVA at individual and community level’.

Dr. Jayakaran has worked in senior management positions in the corporate sector, with International NGOs, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the UNDP. He has lived and worked long term in India, the Kingdom of Cambodia, Peoples’ Republic of China and the United States and provided technical support in more than 22 countries across Asia, Africa. Latin America, Europe and North America. He has worked on issues of Participatory Development, Poverty Reduction, Impact of Regional Economic Integration, HIV-AIDS Programs, Street Children Support Programs, Human Trafficking Prevention, Rapid Needs Assessments, Corporate Social Responsibility, Evaluations, Capacity Building, and Integral Mission. Dr. Ravi is based in Decatur, GA, USA with his wife Vimla. He and his wife Vimla recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. They have two grown sons – Amit David Jayakaran and Rohit Jonathan Jayakaran.

Dr Ravi Jayakaran can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected] More information on his work can be found on his Website: www.ravijayakaran.com