Mark Harris


– Born in Los Angeles in 1955 but raised in northern Idaho
– Played baseball at University of Idaho, graduated in accounting in 1977
– Moved to Portland after graduation to work for accounting firm (now KPMG)
– Became a Christian in 1978 and immediately had desire to enter ministry of some kind
– Studied at Western Seminary from 1979 to 1983 and received MA in New Testament
– Got married to Chinese-American, Delisa, and only child Elizabeth was born in 1982
– Went on short-term mission trips to Venezuela, Poland, Romania, Latvia and Cuba
– Moved to Russia in 1993 to get involved in pastor training and evangelism
– Became disillusioned with the evangelistic efforts and decided to do further study in missiology
– From 1996 to 2000 worked on and completed doctorate in missiology through Western Seminary
– Lived for about 10 months in England doing consulting with several missionary organizations
– In September of 2002 moved to Pasadena to work with US Center for World Mission
– In 2005 started Accounting Management, Inc. which provides services to small businesses
– In 2006 started Mission Consulting Group to provide consulting to non-profits in missiology
– In 2010 started Business for Community Foundation to assist businessmen who give to missions