Medical MIssion Preparation

Here are some of the better known resources for MEDICAL mission preparation. If you have other suggestions send them to [email protected]:

Medical Missions: Get Ready, Get Set, GO! – Bruce Steffes – This unique book is based on the premise that experiencing medical missions is not like other short-term or long term mission experiences. In addition to all of the usual stresses that all missionaries experience in a new environment, trying to practice medicine the way you have been taught in a world where you have so little is very difficult. You will often get blind-sided when you least expect it. You can minimize the pain you will feel and increase your effectiveness if you take the advice in this book. It is designed to make you think about the situation and your possible reaction before it happens. This book is full of the insights (spiritual, philosophical and practical) needed by you who are considering medical missions. Some of the material is revised from the popular preceding Handbook for Short-Term Medical Missionaries but in addition, there are 10 new stories from Bruce’s personal experiences in medical missions. The stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and on occasion, embarrassing. They all demonstrate what God is able to teach you and how He can work with and through you. If you are interested in what God might have to say to you about becoming a medical missionary, this is just the book. It is also a great way for you non-medical folks to understand the particular stresses that medical missionaries face every day. If you are a short-term missionary, it is the perfect-sized book to slip into your pocket and take with you to the mission field.

Handbook for Short Term Medical Missionaries – Bruce C. Steffes – This book needs to be read by all healthcare students and professionals considering short-term missions service. It brings together extensive experience around the world, and comprehensive research in helps and resources. Every chapter flows from the Steffes’ service in small clinics to large mission hospitals, in primitive remote ministries to established “full-service” institutions, and in being the only doctor in the area to a fellow worker on the team. The writers thoughtfully lay before the reader how to take along the family, even a family with small children. Certain to be a “top-of-the-list” resource for those looking at short-term medical missions. Spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11 notebook. 249 pages. Great for reference study!

Global Medical Missions: Preparation, Procedure, Practice – W. Kuhn (Editor), S. Kuhn (Editor), H. Gross (Editor), S. Benesh (Editor) – The contents of this book are the fruit of extensive medical knowledge and field experience. The editors, including Mission to the World’s medical directors Drs. Ted and Sharon Kuhn, are not only experts in their field, but they have assembled a team of experts. In this book, readers will find well prepared, in-depth content and information that is under girded by a sound biblical theology of word and deed ministry of the gospel that expresses the love and compassion of Christ for the suffering.” Dr. Paul Kooistra, Coordinator for Mission to the World, PCA

Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission: The God-Commanded, Repetitive Deployment of Swift, Temporary, Non-Professional Missionaries –  Roger Peterson (Author), Gordon Aeschliman (Author), R. Wayne Sneed (Author) – OK, this resource is not specifically written for those doing medical missions however it is a valuable resource for those who wish to have the maximum impact doing short term medical outreaches.

Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence – David A. Livermore – More than one million people (probably closer to two million) participate in short-term mission projects outside of North America every year–and millions more are involved in domestic cross-cultural missions right here at home. This is encouraging news. But the work is not done. There are weaknesses in our approach and practice. And these volunteers need resources to help them prepare for effective cross-cultural engagement. Serving with Eyes Wide Open helps Christians understand the changing face of Christianity and how that affects short-term missions. In three parts, author David A. Livermore will take a broad look at what the twenty-first-century church is doing on the mission field, the assumptions people make about Christianity, and what it takes to adapt effectively to new cultural contexts. Perfect for all who engage in short-term missions trips–either at home or abroad–Serving with Eyes Wide Open will equip readers to serve more sensitively.

Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World (Youth, Family, and Culture) – David A. Livermore (Author) – This engaging book seeks to tackle the challenges of cross-cultural interaction in the context of Christian ministry. Livermore, an expert in intercultural studies, urges his readers to become more multicultural people so that we might better express love cross-culturally. While most works on cross-cultural ministry seek to teach their readers about other cultures they may encounter, Livermores book contends that preparation for cross-cultural ministry depends on an inward investigation and transformation. This is what he calls developing ones Cultural Intelligence quotient, and the book explores the knowledge, interpretations and behavior one must develop to heighten ones CQ. While grounded in both theory and theology, the strength of this book comes from the many vignettes from Livermores personal experience in such places as Singapore, India and Cambodia. Questions throughout and a self-assessment test in the appendix give the book an interactive feel, drawing the reader into self-examination and application of the books lessons. Though the book is written for Bakers youth ministry series, all who are interested in the question of cross-cultural ministry will profit from its information and advice.