Understanding Health & Healing

Understanding Health and Healing from a biblically Christian perspective:

  1. Health, the Bible and the Church. Now out of print but you can find available copies online. I (Mike Soderling) have the remaining paper copies and have it in digital format so contact me if you want either. The digital format was done with OCR software so there are some errors.
  2. God, Medicine and Miracles by Dr Dan Fountain. A classic written as only Dan could. Practical and insightful. Still available on Amazon. (and other resources) “Well-written; informative, thought-provoking, easy read. Addresses whole person healthcare considerations as compared to physiological issues or mental issues only. For example, the author discusses the effects of fear, bitterness, and anger and the benefits of bringing healing in those areas in order to treat the root causes of some physical symptoms.” From one Amazon reviewer.
  3. Healing in the History of Christianity: Amanda Porterfield  “This wide-ranging survey is unusually even-handed in its treatment of a difficult and controversial subject. In particular, Porterfield is entirely persuasive in arguing that healing–as a multi-faceted response to suffering and evil–has been at the heart of Christian practice from the time of Jesus to the present. Her sensitive treatments of the large place of healing in Christian missions and in the recent world expansion of Christianity are especially welcome.” — Mark A. Noll, author of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.
  4. Healing in the Early Church: The Church’s Ministry of Healing and Exorcism from the First to the Fifth Century by Andrew Daunton-Fear. (if anyone has read this piece and has comments please sent them to mike.soderling@centerforhim.org)
  5. Called to Care: A Christian Worldview for Nursing by Judith Allen Shelly and Arlene B Miller. “What a gift Judy Shelly and Arlene Miller have given us by producing a second edition of Called to Care. While the core Christian message has not changed since the first edition, the world within and beyond health care certainly has–and with it, the concrete implications of a Christian worldview. Even those familiar with the original edition will want to read the latest work of these two champions of caring with heart and mind.” (John F. Kilner, Ph.D., Professor of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture, and Director of Bioethics Programs, Trinity International University)
  6. A Balm for Gilead: Meditations on Spirituality and the Healing Arts by Daniel P Sulmasy. A well done meditation, evangelical in spirit, from a Catholic physician/theologian whose purpose is to help the reader know self. God and neighbor more deeply, are offering a step down the path toward, “God’s own dream of universal right relationship, in every place and every time.”  He addresses a holistic theology of disease, healing, the care for the sick based on the need for right relationships.
  7. Preach and Heal by Charles Fielding.
  8. Health, Healing and the Church’s Mission: Biblical Perspectives and Moral Priorities by Willard Swartley.
  9. Community, Church and Healing by RA Lambourne.
  10. Religion and Medicine: # 12 and 3. I have this 3 part series but have not read them yet. Some of the chapters titles appear to hold some promise for addressing this subject.