I would encourage anyone reading this series to purchase the book it is based on.

Reading this week is Genesis 10. The origin of all people, tribes and nations. Dan makes 3 points initially:

  1. the chapter describes the origin only of nations known to Moses
  2. no written records were kept but passed down orally, which were quite accurate but not necessarily complete
  3. we do not know the exact identity of some of the names a places

Primary principles to be learned:

The unity of all people: We all belong to the same human family. (Acts 17:26)

Diversity among tribes and nations: it was always Gods plan. This chapter is about how that process got started.

Equality among all people: God is working among all people everywhere. Believing one group is superior to another is contrary to the Word of God.

Tribalism (in any form, for instance by aligning with a particular political party) has no place in the Kingdom of God: Believing any race, tribe or nation is superior to any other is a false belief.

We are all neighbors: we are all associated with one another. What the individual does can have significant impact on the direct as well as distant members of the human race. Conflict and hatred between neighbors is a sin against God and has no place in His kingdom.


  • where do you see or experience for yourself, the effects of tribalism/racism? Why are these such powerful forces?
  • Why do these things have NO place in the Kingdom of God?
  • What is our/your role in confronting and overcoming the spirit of tribalism/racism?
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