Reading from Genesis 11:1-9 – Human civilization at Babel

Dr Fountain points out that the Lord recognized the amazing accomplishments being achieved by the people because of their:

  1. Unity – one people, one language and good understanding of each other.
  2. they had a common Vision and Goals. Stability, security, prestige and spiritual wisdom. (at least from their own worldview)
  3. they were demonstrating great organizational and management skills. Careful planning, the right people doing the right work, effective management, (though it may have been built on a system dependent on slave labor) good motivation and only using resources available to them in their context.

There is nothing wrong with these elements in a people group or in an organization with KoG purposes! So why was the Lord upset with what man was accomplishing?

  1. God had instructed man to fill the earth and this people were looking to just stay in one place.
  2. They were looking to achieve this all on their own with no dependence on God.
  3. God wanted them to get their wisdom from Him and not to rely on human wisdom.

So in some way He confused their efforts by confusing their languages and this destroyed their ability to effectively communicate?

The principle Dan points out is this: without God as our central focus and source of wisdom, we fall into conflicting and destructive groups. Pride takes over, disunity develops, and warfare between groups can develop.

The Kingdom of God is where God rules in everything. With God we can accomplish much but without Him we become confused, disorganized and even destructive!

Some questions:

  1. What were the good things being done by the people group in Genesis 11: 1-9? Do we include them in our own projects/calling?
  2. If we include these good elements in our work how do we guard against becoming prideful and losing sight of the real reason for our success?
  3. What does this teach us about the KoG?


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